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Shop with us at our online store for the finest women’s boho fashion collections.   You will find boho clothing for any occasion at Belle Gitane.

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When we say we have bohemian styles, we mean we have some of the finest Bohemian collections for your stylish taste. Bohemian style fashion is related to the traditional hippie fashions, where retro patterns and natural fabrics were worn in warm and neutral shades with a slight accent of the 70s styles and a lot of flair to set a statement.

However, Bohemian style clothing is more than a simple fashion trend, it’s actually a culture that comes from a complicated history and specific ideology. Bohemian fashion may be associated with hippie styles of the 60s and 70s, but bohemian fashions go beyond those eras as boho fashions really started out in the 19th century as a counterculture.

Today, boho clothing is in a style of its own with a wide variety of clothing and accessories. This new class of style follows along with effortless, loose-fitted, relaxed fit clothing items crafted of overall creative and artistic elements, along with an assortment of casual accessories.

Get used to the new generation of fashion labeled as Bohemian, a modern alternative to a traditional way of dressing that’s more of a liberated ideology for a new social stance.

How To Find Bohemian Style Clothing That’s Right For You

Browse through our online store, where we have many styles of boho clothing available that will show anyone up. At Belle Gitane, we know how important it is to actually see the clothing on someone else before you can imagine how it will look on you. That’s why we provide you with a clear view of everything we sell. View each piece in different angles. In most case we provide a front view of the clothing item and a back view as well, so you will know exactly what you 're buying when shopping with us at Belle Gitane.

Once you find something you like, you can either click on it for more information or simply click “Add to Cart” found right below each item. A pop-up will open that gives you some options to choose from. After clicking on your selection, the item will be placed in your cart and you can continue shopping. 

What Others Are Saying About Our Boho Fashions

Want to know what others think about the different boho style clothing items we offer? Just scroll down to the bottom of a page and look for the “From Our Instagram” section. Click on the different boho items that appear to find out how many likes the piece got and what people are saying about it. Almost everyone loves our boho fashions and you will too.

Show Off Your Boho Style

Be a fashion trend setter with boho dress fashions, shop now and get the boho clothing that suits you best. Have questions? Reach out to us with questions you may have and we will get back to you as soon as possible.