2022 Festival Outfit Ideas: How to Create the Perfect Look

2022 Festival Outfit Ideas: How to Create the Perfect Look

Summer has arrived, and festival season has begun. Following a year of cancellations, festival lineups are being released, ranging from Rolling Loud to Lollapalooza and Bonnaroo. But, whether you're going to Electric Daisy Carnival or Coachella, your festival outfit is more important than the roster. Festival fashion is a one-of-a-kind category, and with no festival fashion inspiration in 2021, we are due for a trend reset. The 2022 festival season is the ideal opportunity to update your festival attire with latest trends to commemorate the return of live music!


 How should I dress for a music festival?

Quick and easy, the cropped tee and shorts are absolutely a festival mainstay. Dress them up with cowboy boots and a kimono, you are ready to dance the night away.

Our favourite look is bohemian hippie. Boho style, being a wonderful combination of romanticism, ethnic feelings, and creative freedom, will never go out of style for music festivals. So, ladies, put on your wide-brimmed hat, fringe purse, and vegan knee-high boots for a distinct nature girl vibe. Of course, a turquoise stone ring and layered feather necklace are required to complete the outfit. To get a billowy look, go for an Aztec poncho.

 Our next must have crochet!! While it might be difficult to stand out in a crowd at a music festival, this style is sure to turn heads. A crochet dress is a winning combination of a free spirit and creative vibes. Throw on a wide-brimmed hat and some bohemian sunglasses to complete the outfit. Check out our blog on crochet and why you need some pieces for your wardrobe!

Look like a goddess! Find a white one-shoulder flowing midi dress and tighten your waist with a tiny brown belt; this is such a refreshing look. If you want to take this knockout look to the next level, add on a green-gold olive wreath and you'll look flawless.

Fun and nostalgic: tie dye! Are you looking for fun activities to do with your girlfriends before Coachella? What about making tie dye shirts with your friends for some good laughs? I assure it will be enjoyable (and high chance messy). To be honest, I've never been a fan of tie dye shirts since the colours are too bright for me. But now I must remark that the most recent tie-dye shirts are really amazing. The flowing pastel colours and light tones only add a delicate touch of elegance to the whimsical design.

Classic and versatile: kimonos. Take my tip and you'll thank me later: always pack an outerwear to the festival. While Coachella is extremely hot (89°) during the day, keep in mind that it is in the desert, and the temperature may drop dramatically at night to an unexpectedly cold 58°. So, certainly, you should bring a poncho or kimono. Choose a floor-length poncho for a diva style if you want to make your poncho a show piece.

Our last tip to dress for festivals: accessoriesA boho-chic, retro inspired outfit is not enough for a fashionable fest like Coachella. For a 10/10 look, you will need to accessorize, and I mean LOADS. From head to toe, there are so many options. Some examples are cowboy hats, headpieces, jewelry, belts and boots! Head to our Accessories Collection and mix and match to find your signature, unique look!

There you have it! Some ideas to get you excited for festival season. Start planning now, as these tend to come fast! 

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