How to Dress Boho - Starter Must Haves

How to Dress Boho - Starter Must Haves

Season after season, designers continue to pay homage to bohemian (boho) style, signaling that the look adopted in the 1960s and 1970s would likely never go out of style.

Bohemian style is defined by its laid-back, expressive spirit at its foundation. Consider the following: flowing shapes, soft materials, and folk-inspired motifs. If this particular look sounds familiar, it's because you've most likely seen it on street style celebrities like Nicole Richie, Zoe Kravitz, and Sienna Miller at a music festival (hello, Coachella and Glastonbury).

Learn more about bohemian fashion, from its origins to current trends, and check out our favourite boho outfits below.


The Meaning of Boho Style

There's a reason why bohemian fashion has lasted for decades and keeps making its way back into our closets. The bohemian lifestyle is connected with independence, an escape from bourgeois conventionalism, and a profound curiosity in diverse cultures; it is more than simply a passing fad. That's why boho-chic apparel frequently features flowing fabrics, Moroccan kaftans, Ukrainian-inspired folk blouses, and other free-spirited essentials.


Printed Maxi Dresses are the Perfect Boho Dresses

A selection of airy maxi dresses, the pinnacle of boho style, is a must-have for anybody interested in this trend. Look for maxis in neutral or subdued colours, flowing materials, and subtle patterns such as ditsy flowers, lovely paisley, or geometric motifs.

Flowing Maxi Skirts are a Must-Have Boho Clothing Piece

A floor-sweeping skirt that expresses your free attitude will also look great in your urban-boho outfit. This flexible item may be worn in every season and dressed in a variety of ways. To get a modern bohemian vibe, pair your maxi skirt with a crochet top, semi-sheer kimono, or drapey cardigan, or rent a matching top for a sleek, cohesive look.
Peasant Blouses are a Must for Boho Style

Nowadays, the peasant blouse comes in a plethora of fashionable designs. The traditional cotton design has puffed sleeves, a wide neckline, and exquisite embroidery that shows bohemia's appreciation of handcrafted apparel and jewellery. Then there's the current incarnation, which is generally a patterned silk blouse with a billowy fit and tassel ties. Fortunately for you, both of these peasant blouse variations look great with flared jeans and wedge heels or a flowing maxi skirt.
Kimono-Style Boho Tops are still a favorite boho style.

At the height of the trend's popularity, boho style celebrities frequently wore kimonos, which were known for their loose, unstructured design and voluminous sleeves. This trendy garment is making a comeback in the shape of adaptable flowery robes and silk tunic tops. The flowing Japanese-inspired design adds a touch of drama to your bohemian aesthetic while keeping completely casual, especially when worn over a simple T-shirt and faded jeans.
Textured Vests and Jackets in Boho Style

Faux fur vests or shearling coats will look great with your airy bohemian skirts and folky embroidered blouses. Layers and texture are added to your outfit with these warm outerwear items (think Kate Hudson's coat in Almost Famous or Janis Joplin's look at Woodstock). For a genuine aesthetic, keep it neutral in earth-inspired tones such as deep browns, beiges, taupes, and creams.
Relaxed Bohemian Pants in Boho Style

A pair of loose trousers, in addition to flared jeans and patchwork corduroy pants, is the ideal complement to your bohemian collection. In this context, "relaxed" can refer to anything from harem pants (loose across the leg and snug at the ankle) to wide-leg trousers (one of the season's major trends). Again, imagine loose and airy shapes with lots of mobility and no restriction.
Fringe Accents in Boho Fashion

Fringe was fashionable in the 1920s as part of the flapper's costume before going out of style in the 1960s, 1970s, and 1990s. Last autumn, there was a startling comeback of playful tassel detailing. This detail may be found on leather skirts, kick flare jeans, handbags, and jewellery. Wearing fringe doesn't have to make you feel like you stepped out of a Western movie. For an easy, daily look, wear a fringe-trim jacket with a basic pair of jeans.
Find Nature-Inspired Accessories in Boho Jewelry for a Boho Look.

Earrings that dangle! Necklaces with tassels! Handwoven handbags! While a flower crown is the ideal boho-chic adornment, earthy jewellery is your next best bet. Look for one-of-a-kind pieces fashioned from natural materials such as feathers, coral, wood, and turquoise.
With all of these must-have pieces, you'll be able to easily embrace the boho style. Borrow one of these must-haves to give the trend a subtle nod or go all out with a whole ensemble inspired by your favourite boho style idol.
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