"When women support each other, incredible things happen" -

We are starting the #womensupportingwomen blog with a good friend of mine, Kerry. She is inspiring, interesting and a force in her field. Please don't forget to share if you like, follow her business or even reach out if you have ANY questions! 


Synergikfit- Fitness Trainer & Transformation Coach

"I help men & women achieve a sense of self-love; not just an aesthetic appearance. I strive to work with clients to push past limits and achieve their goals; surpassing what they imagined was possible.

I was overweight most of my adolescence so I understand change can be an intimidating process; I still have days where my body dysmorphia gets the best of me, but that's all part of the journey! I found the gym to be an outlet for my stress and the best place to keep my physical and mental health in good standing; in my early 20s.

 Never having played much sports growing up (due to asthma), I found a love for martial arts through Muay Thai in my late 20s <---- cardio + resistance training...honestly this got me in best physical health of my life! Truthfully, it does not matter what age you start - all that matters is that you are willing to start. It's not being selfish to take care of yourself...self-care allows you to be the best for yourself and others.

Having worked through my own injuries in the past; I know the importance of quality movement and recovery. Finding the right coach is imperative to your success in order to meet your needs and lifestyle - I will help guide you through this process every step of the way! We will touch on nutrition and fitness, but this is all about your journey, mindset & overall lifestyle change."

 Having a background in culinary arts and nutrition has also allowed her to broaden her services with MEAL PREP!

Kerry has worked with various populations including: General Fitness, Bodybuilding, Corrective Exercise, Youth, and Athletics.

Kerry is always striving for more knowledge and applying it; between mentorship and coursework there's never a shortage of personal growth. She is also working on a path for shamanism (an ongoing self-healing journey in spirituality) - It means digging deep and really getting to know yourself; childhood traumas, conditioning, and triggers - she will eventually coach that as well! Tune into her podcast to get to know her; discussions on mindset, spirituality, and whatever needs to be spoken to during the moment - we're unscripted and RAW!

Whether you would like to feel more comfortable in your own skin, have better balance, run or play longer; she has the knowledge and resources to help you!

PODCAST: https://anchor.fm/death-and-a-butterfly
WEBSITE: www.synergikfit.com
INSTAGRAM: @synergikfit
BLOG: https://www.synergikfit.com/blog

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